Walking and Hiking Tours in the Beautiful Swiss Alps – Switzerland

Dear Hiker:

The Alpine countries of Europe are all excellent for hiking, but Switzerland is the best.

There are number of reasons. Probably the first and most important is within a very small geography there are four cultures, French, German, Italian, and Romansch. So, many of the hikes will bring you through more than one cultural region. You may start in the morning where everyone is speaking French and by afternoon be in a German or Italian culture. It is that diversified.

The next reason is the topography. There are many peaks over 14,000 feet and yet the valleys in many cases are well less than 2000 feet so the vertical drop is impressive.

There are a few places in Europe that offer this kind of spectacular mountain topography.

Finally it’s the people. The Swiss are unique in Europe. Their principal source of revenue comes from visitors, hikers, skiers, and tourists of all kinds. So they have made a fine art of welcoming all visitors. The Swiss really make you feel welcome.

If you want to go hiking and can’t make up your mind, choose Switzerland. You’ll never be sorry.

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