Hiking in the Shadow of the Matterhorn

The Alpine scenery above Zermatt is perhaps the most breathtaking in Switzerland. There are more 4000 meter peaks clustered around Zermatt than any other village in the Alps.

The Matterhorn looms over Zermatt, but from the viewpoint on the Gornergrat or Hohbalmen, the well known peak becomes just part of the grand chain of great mountains that loops around the Zermatt valley.

There are numerous trails to select from depending on weather. In heavy snow hiking is done are made at lower station stops. Spectacular views of valleys and Matterhorn. Many descent options including Riffleberg, Rifflealp, or Findelnbach. Numerous restaurants available.

Walking in this region is absolutely superb. Tiny restaurants dot the mountainsides offering quick and pleasant break for refreshments. The network of trails that covers the area offers magnificent journeys, each day different than the next.

Whether a return or first time visit, this trip will surely be a week well spent in a hiker’s paradise.

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