Hiking in 2019 – Book Your Reservation

Hiking in 2019 – Book Your Reservation

Hiking in the high alps of Switzerland France or Italy are life changing experiences.

If you are tired of going into a small town along a coastline and being inundated with cruise ship passengers – flooding the town, the Alps are for you. Great day hikes as well as hiking village to village are all available.

Leave the crowds behind!

Unfortunately, (or for the fortunate few), space is limited. These high altitude villages are small and quaint and have few hotels and rooms to accommodate the world wanting to have this kind of a “once in a lifetime” hiking experience. If you like to hike and are not sure of your ability to do a strenuous high altitude hike – no worries. Each of the villages have low valley and high altitude mountain hiking options. One option, if you don’t want to climb 1,000 meters or more up a hill, is to take a tram or a train up to the mid and upper reaches of the mountain trails. In the winter, many of these areas are used for skiing. But in the summer these are wide avenues that ramble through the mountains leading to interesting and exciting vistas and inns located along the way. Enjoy the beauty of these ancient settings without having to climb the 2 or 3,000 meters to get there. You can just come to smell the flowers and enjoy the great food you can find in small villages and inns located throughout the area.

But the fact is, you will have to book your trip before December 2018. This year all of the best areas were sold out by min January. With many areas are only able to handle a handful of travelers. If you want to come during the best times of the summer year you will need to put your deposit down soon.

While there is no guarantee of space availability until you actually book your trip, in most cases, you can have what you want if you do it before Christmas for the next summer.

Let us know if you have any questions or want us to help you create a hike of a lifetime.

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