If a rock falls closing a trail in the Alps will you know it?

If a rock falls closing a trail in the Alps will you know it?

Marcel of Europahut recently sent us an update of a trail closing cutting off the usual way someone goes from Chamonix to Zermatt. The beautiful trail is known as the Europaway. This is a trail that is hundreds of years old and has been used since the Roman times before there were roads. Recently, last Sunday rocks fell and blocked the road.
Here is a summary of his email.
Europaway closed again .

Because a rockfall is the path between Grächen- Europahut since last Sunday 26.08 closed , till end of this saison !!
There is a possibility to walk direct from St. Niklaus to Randa and then from Randa up to us in one day and next day normal futher to Zermatt !!
Probably will also the Europahut get closed already on 23.09. or earlier , will let you know in that case !!
Thank you for your loyalty and understanding !!
Katie and Marcel.

Well that ends their season early but more importantly is that you need to be ready to make changes to your routes and plans sometimes on short notice. Fact is we have lots of alternatives in this neck of the woods and can easily re-route you to your next destination.

Keeping up with what is going on in the mountains thousands of miles away isn’t easy. But through our network we can keep you aprised of changes and issues as they arise in real time.

So, does anyone hear a rock fall in the high alps – you bet we do!

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