Give your brain a chance to rejuvenate too. Turn off your phone.

Give your brain a chance to rejuvenate too. Turn off your phone.

Hiking in the high alps of Switzerland is great. You can always find interesting and beautiful settings to bring your mind back from your daily drudge of the industrial world. One key thing is to turn your phone off. Yes you can get Cell reception in most parts of Europe and even in many of the high alps villages. Studies show that if you can turn your phone off, put it in your pack and forget it until you get back from your trip or down from the mountain your brain will have a chance to take a rest from all the noise you usually give it to cope with every day. Humans were not meant to live in an industrial world. Our ears and eyes… yes and noise are designed to sense things hundreds of yards away. To be able to perceive what is ahead of you. To smell the water running quietly down the hill. Take this opportunity to smell the roses…. well wild flowers. This is your time to rest not only your body but your mind and your senses. Recharge!

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