Bring out your inner Capricorn hiking in Switzerland.

Bring out your inner Capricorn hiking in Switzerland.

Hiking is the fountain of youth. Your body, your brain… your cellphone – all get a rest. You get a chance to have real conversations with people and see and learn about new cultures.

Rejuvenate your inner Capricorn just by walking. Grab a pair of hiking boots, some poles and a change of sox and you’re off!

Some people want fine wines, others want home cooking. The European hiking experience has been going on for 500+ years and they know how to give you a good time.

Everything is authentic and original. Like walking through a beautiful nature documentary: pleasure, along with cultural delights.

And like a nature film, you may want to take the whole family. Often you hear people talk about the 15 mile a day and 2,000 vertical foot climb they did and that is great. We have that too. No matter the level of activity you seek, people want an exclusive environment with the luxury feeling of owning the hills they walk on. Each village on our preferred list has been vetted by us for more than 40 years. Yes Grandpa Bill just retired at 93, but he had an authentic knack for finding great settings and providing literally thousands of hikers their dream hike.

From Hiker Nancy:
“Our hiking trip from Chamonix to Zermatt was amazing. All of the hotels we stayed in and the huts were so accommodating and all the people were so nice! The trails were well marked, some very hard and others very easy. We met many cows along the way and many other hikers. The food was excellent too…cheeses, breads, meats…..and butter! Switzerland is a beautiful country to see on foot! I would do this hike over and over again.”

You choose how long to hike, we customize your trip to your interests. The big challenge is that these small village inns and hut-to-hut on-trail “refugios” get booked early. There are only so many rooms available. So if you want to get your hike in next year – plan now!

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