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Hike in Africa!

Russell Tours has developed a number of great hikes and satisfying adventures over the last 40 years. We are now introducing our most exciting hiking adventure yet – Hiking in Africa. This dramatic continent offers some of the most wide-ranging hikes. We offer an environment of lush floral beauty with some of the rarest plants, animals, birds and interesting mountainous settings anywhere in the world. Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience this wonderful hiking trip.

Here is an outline of this AFRICAN HIKING ADVENTURE

  • Gorilla Trek, hike for several hours and then sit with wild mountain gorillas in their own wild habitat.
  • Bird and Chimpanzee Hike in their natural environments.
  • Big Game Safari and Hike, including the big 5: lions, rhino, leopard, water buffalo and elephant.
  • Helicopter Over Game Reserve.
  • Safari Boat Ride with hippos, eagles and elephants nearby.

This is an 9-night, 8-day adventure, with many opportunities to enjoy the local culture alongside dramatic scenery. We will be accompanied by local Naturalists with the group to enhance the depth of your experience. Walk through the canopy of ancient trees, take a boat along a scenic prehistoric lake, helicopter across Rwanda to view then hike inside a 433 square mile Safari park – this magnificent adventure promises to be one of the most memorable of a lifetime.

Learn More about this great hiking opportunity – Africa is a wonderland of outdoor settings

Africa – Hiking with a visual experience you will never forget.



Russell Tours Hike in Africa

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