Bear Trail (Alpine Pass-“Bärentrek”) Bernese Oberland

Hike the Bernese Oberland and more…The Bernese Oberland and the surrounding areas are world-renowned for their spectacular mountains, classic Swiss villages and first-class hiking. The “Alpine Pass” as it is known to the English or the “Bärentrek” (bear trail) to the Swiss is two-week long journey that travels directly though the heart of the Bernese Alps while also visiting the best mountains of the provinces of Uri and Berne.

The diversity of culture, sights and towns on this route is unbeatable. The trail begins by wandering through pasturelands that cling to the surrounding mountainsides. Steep cliffs and the accompanying high waterfalls litter the pastoral valleys. Leaving the pasture, the route enters areas of lavish flora and fauna, reminiscent of a Pacific Northwest forest, that abound in this region of Switzerland. Here you will see the most famous peaks of the Bernese Alps and stay in legendary villages, experiencing the places and views that international hikers dream about.


The Alpine Pass Route is a unique way to travel through the Bernese Oberland and the surrounding regions. The trail passes by a variety of well-known icons, yet finds its own hidden gems that most visitors to the region never discover.


The Alpine Pass Route, as its name suggests, is a long route crossing several passes in the Alps. More specifically, it crosses Switzerland from Sargans in the East (near the Liechtenstein border) to Montreux in the West, on the shore of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva). The total distance is around 350km, and can take around 20 days of walking (plus rest days and bad weather days).
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This trail is ideal for someone who has hiking experience but enjoys a moderate pace. The Alpine Pass is a great alternative for those who are not quite ready for the challenge of the Haute Route or Tour du Mont Blanc. Understand though, that this trip is not for novice hikers and does traverse some rather difficult terrain.


The Alpine pass trail has a medium exposure rating. While most of the trail is low exposure, keep in mind that there are certain stretches that may not be ideal for those that have trouble with heights. There are pass crossings as well as high elevation hiking.

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