Dolomites AV1 list of Rifugios

List of Rifugios in Italy Dolomite AV1 trail around Cortina.

Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy is in the Dolomite Mountain range. Cortina d’Ampezzo has a thousand year old history and a long tradition as a tourist destination. Cortina offers more than 400 kilometers of signposted footpaths and hiking trails through meadows and forests, including itineraries with wonderful views – such as the Col Rosà route which takes you to the Fanes waterfalls, or a trip to the magnificent natural caves of the Tofana di Rozes. Experience high altitude hikes with breathtaking views, enjoy peaceful walks within the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites and excursions to alpine lakes such as Lake Sorapis where sheer white rock faces plunge into an emerald-colored lake.

Here is a directory of all huts in Dolomites

Below is a list of huts on AV1.
As of 2018:

Rifugio Biella                    Open: 15/6-30/9     Sleeps 42.  Tel: 0039-0436-866991

Rifugio Sennes                 Open: 4/6-16/10    Sleeps 63   Tel: 0039-0474-501092      E-Mail:

Rifugio Munt de Sennes   Open:15/7-30/9     Sleeps 15    Tel:0039-0474-501311          Email:


Rifugio Fodara Vedla      Open: 29/5-6/11    Sleeps 46    Tel: 0039-0474-501093           Email:


Rifugio Pederu                  Open: 1/6-9/10    Sleeps 30    Tel: 0039-0474-501086              Email:

Rifugio Fanes                    Open: 3/6-9/10    Sleeps 60    Tel: 0039-0474-501097  E-mail:

Ücia dles Muntagnoles – Open June-Oct   Sleeps 6      Tel: 0039-3475-214753



Rifugio Lavarella               Open: 1/6-1/10      Sleeps 51    Tel: 0039-0474-501079    Email:


Rifugio Scotoni                  Open: 16/6-2/10  Sleeps 21    Tel: 0039-0471-847330                   Email:


Pension Restaurant Sarè    Open: All year  Sleeps 10    Tel: 0039-0471-849533    Email:


Rifugio Lagazuoi                Open: 11/6-10/09  Sleeps 74    Tel: 0039-0436-867303   Email:


Hotel al Sasso di Stria       Open: All Year      Sleeps 108  Tel: 0039-0436-7135      Email:


Rifugio Col Gallina             Open: All Year      Sleeps 30    Tel: 0039-0436-2939


Rifugio Valparola   Open: All Year ( (1.5 ק”מ מפאסו פאלצרגו Tel: 0039-0436866556



Rifugio Giussani                Open: 15/6-29/9      Sleeps 55.  Tel: 0039-0436-5740

Rifugio Angelo Dibona       Open:1/4-30/10      Sleeps 65   Tel: 0039-0436-860294    Email:

Rifugio Cinque Torri          Open: 30/6-30/09    Sleeps 16   Tel: 0039-0436-2902


Rifugio Scoiattoli                Open: 30/6-20/09    Sleeps 42   Tel 0039-0436-867939     Email:



Rifugio Averau                    Open: 15/6-20/9      Sleeps 40   Tel: 0039-0436-4660


Rifugio Nuvolau                  Open: 20/6-20/9      Sleeps 24   Tel: 0039-0436-5178     Email:

Rifugio Fedare                    Open All Year                             Tel: 0039-0437-720182



Rifugio Albergo Passo Giau    Open  All Year    Sleeps 20   Tel: 0039-346-0696745     Email:


Rifugio Croda da Lago        Open: 15/6-30/9     Sleeps 51  Tel: 0039-0436-862085


Rifugio Citta di Fiume         Open: 18/6-20/09      Sleeps 35  Tel: 0039-3200-377432     Email:

Rifugio Venezia                   Open: 15/6-29/09      Sleeps 55  Tel: 0039-0436-9684  Email:

Rifugio Aquileia   Tel: 0039-0437-720269 /0039-347-8851925 /0039-347-0755276
Email: or

Rifugio Staulanza                Open:10/6-30/09      Sleeps 25  Tel: 0039-0437-788566     Email:


Rifugio Palafavera:              Open: 30/6-30/09      Sleeps 25  Tel: 0039-0437-789133       Email:

Rifugio Monte Pelmo (in Passo Palafavèra)  Open: 1/6-30/09 Sleeps 4 (in 2 Rooms)               Tel: 0039-0437-789359


Rifugio Coldai                      Open: 20/6-30/09      Sleeps 83  Tel: 0039-0437-789160

Rifugio Tissi                         Open: 15/6-20/09      Sleeps 65 Tel: 0039-0437-523083   Email:

Rifugio Vazzoler                 Open: 20/6-30/09       Sleeps 52  Tel: 0039-0437-660008     Email:

Rifugio Capanna Trieste     Open 1/4-31/10       Sleeps 18  Tel1: 0039-0437660122 Email:

Rifugio Carestiato              Open: 18/6-30/09       Sleeps 40  Tel: 0039-0437-62949   Email:

Rifugio Tomé Passo Duran   Open: All Year       Sleeps 30  Tel: 0039-3464165461
0039-3481030648  Email


Rifugio San Sebastiano (in Passo Duran)   Open: All Year     Tel: 0039-0437-62360    Email

Rifugio Sommariva             Open: 20/6-20/09      Sleeps 36  Tel: 0039-337-528403
TEL:  0039-0437-1956153  Email:

Rifugio Pian de Fontana     Open: 20/6-20/9        Sleeps 32  Tel: 335-6096819       Email:

Rifugio Bianchet                  Open: 20/6-20/09     Sleeps 40  Tel: 0039-0437-669226

Rifugio 7° Alpini                  Open: 15/6-20/09      Sleeps 56  Tel: 0039-0437-941631

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