Hiking in amid ancient castles and majestic rivers

Dordogne region of Southern France is world renown for its splendor and attractions. Whether it’s castles of dukes or caves of pre-historic man, walled and fortified villages that survived the I00 Years War, or simply elegant and cultured cuisine of the Perigord, The Dordogne has no equal.

We hike in this fabled land along rivers to high bluffs, from village to medieval village, through an historic region of great beauty.

Our daily walks will take us to numerous Bastides (medieval fortified villages) and chateau such as Beynac, Castlenaud, and many others. The world’s center of pre-history is also in the Perigord. The caves of Cro-Magnon including Lascaux II, the abri (shelters) of cave dwellers with their primitive drawings near Les Eyzies will be on our walking itinerary. Remains of these ancient settlements reaching back over 50,000 years.

Though most of our travels through this enchanted region will be on foot, an option is to travel placidly, by canoe on the Dordogne by quiet villages sleeping in the golden sun of southern France so treasured by generations of artists for its special light.


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