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Zillertal Hiking

Austria Hiking

We are sure you will find a hiking holiday in Austria most satisfying

 Austria delivers more travel fun and more travel value than you would expect.  It is a small country, compact, easy to get to know, delightful to see.  There is spectacular scenery around every corner: vineyards, ancient castles and venerable abbeys overlooking the Danube, wooded hills rising out of lush farmland, Lakes dotted with sailboats and ringed by soaring mountains, Alpine peaks and their icy world of glaciers reaching for the sky.  The towns are as varied as the countryside around them: historic cities where architectural masterpieces from three or four centuries face one another across narrow lanes or sweeping squares, market towns that have barely changed since the Middle Ages, mountain villages with neat little houses and flowers overflowing from wooden balconies.

You encounter history with every step.  Austria has more castles and palaces open to visitors than any comparable area in Europe, Great museums and tiny country churches harbor the most significant art treasures from many periods and styles.  Guides will point out to you the places where the Romans, Charlemagne, Emperor Maximilian, the Turks, the Swedes in the Thirty Years War, Empress Maria Theresa, Napoleon, Emperor Franz Josef or General Patton did this or that. cultural activity in Austria never ceases, The regular events are spectacular enough: opera, concerts and theater, the performances of the Spanish Riding School Sunday mass sung by the Vienna Boys’ Choir in Vienna, the opera and concert season in other Austrian cities, Palace Concerts and the Marionette Theater in Salzburg.  The special events are renowned worldwide the Mozart Festival in Salzburg in late January, the annual dance Festival (mid February – late March) in Vienna, the Vienna Festival (late May – late June), the Bregenz Festival (mid July -) late August), the Salzburg Festival (late July through August), And there are summer operetta festivals at Baden, Bad Ischl, summer Music Weeks and a Festival of Classical Music in Vienna, Palace Concerts in Innsbruck during July and August.

Thinking of an active sports holiday?  Austria has it – swimming, sailing, water skiing; snow skiing year-round; horseback riding, tennis, golf; mountain climbing, white water canoeing, glider flying; hunting and fishing, skeet shooting and archery.  Hundreds of miles of hiking paths, fitness trails all over.  And saunas and massage to loosen up after a vigorous day.

Enjoy life the leisurely way: at pastry shops, in coffee houses, in beer gardens, in wine taverns.  Savor the superb Austrian food which makes every meal a pleasure in itself.  And relax with the friendly Austrians who genuinely like foreign visitors.  Shop for outstanding hand-crafted items or native dresses, jackets and hats. 

 Some Basic Facts on Austria

 Area:          32,376 square miles (almost exactly the size of Maine

 Population: 8,000,000 Capital: Vienna (pop, 1,515,000) Major Cities: Graz (242,000), Linz (204,400), Salzburg(137,800), Innsbruck (117,000)

 Languages:        German is spoken as a first language by 99% of the Austrian population.  English is by far the leading second language in the educational system and is, consequently, understood widely and spoken fluently by most people working in tourism-related jobs.

 Topography:       The western part of the country is mountainous; valley bottoms have elevations between 1,500 and 2,500 feet, peaks range from 8,000 to more than 12,000 feet; villages lie anywhere up to the 6,000-foot line.  In eastern Austria, a central line of 6,000- to 8,000 foot mountains is paralleled by lower hills on the north and south sides; the lowlands of the Danube Valley and extreme eastern Austria are on the 600-to 800- foot level.


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