Hiking the Hallstatt Dachstein~Salzkammergut region in Austria

We just discovered one of the most beautiful places for hiking that we’ve ever been. But more than that, the cultural aspects are just outstanding.

We signed up for a hike with Bill Russell’s Mountain Tours to go to Hallstatt, Austria. Our trip was only a week. But I really wish we had spent more time as the area is so interesting. We will certainly make a return trip there.

There are few options on arriving in the spectacular Alpine village of Hallstatt, but the best way to experience the magnitude of this famous location is with a ferry ride across the lake. As the arresting scenery of a tiny village tucked between mountains and water comes into view, you’ll immediately want to know more about this destination. What could be the secret to Hallstatt’s wealth and beautiful baroque architecture? For centuries, villagers have traded a very sought-after commodity that lies deep below the surface: salt. Bring the family to the Hallstatt Mines and travel by slide deep into the world’s oldest salt mines. Discover a subterranean salt lake and the mummy of a prehistoric miner who became preserved in salt. In addition to a museum with 7,000-year-old artifacts, several tours are available to reveal more about how Hallstatt came to be

Since December 1997 the “Hallstatt Dachstein/Salzkammergut” region in Austria has joined the list of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. And it really earned this recognition.

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