Hiking trip in the Alps

Dear Mr RussellI

just returned from our Hiking trip in the Alps and I wanted to share some of our wonderful experiences. As you know we hiked from Chamonix ( France ) to Zermatt ( Switzerland ) along the Haute Route.

First of all each of the Hotels and Cabanes you chose were easy to find, clean and Friendly. When we arrived at each location the hotel owners welcomed us warmly and showed us to our room. Dinners were always fresh and included soup, salad (fresh from the garden), an entrée, and dessert!

The hiking was exceptional! I cannot say enough for the mountain views and variety of interesting terrain. We had meadows of wildflowers, passes with marmots, and glaciers up close and personal. I have been dreaming of beautiful mountain scenes for 30 years, and every valley we were in, presented a new perfect picture. For those who dream of mountains this is the perfect trip!

The final hotel in Zermatt was the icing on the cake. The 4 star Mirabeau hotel included an exceptional room (with view of the Matterhorn ) and spectacular food. We even went for a nice swim in their pool. It felt like we were being rewarded for all of our hard work.

Having traditionally been a backpacker both domestically and international, staying in hotels and traveling light (18 lbs each) was a pleasure. I want to thank you for your self guided service and advice.

Dr Fredick C.