Hiking with your cell phone is “smart”

 Russell Tours hiking in Europe – be prepared with your mobile phone

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Don't Hike Alone. At Least Bring Your Phone.

Are you properly prepared for your hike in Europe?

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure you have access to a mobile phone network when you need it.

One area we are finding important is that as a Russell Tour hiker we are watching up ahead to make sure your trail is open and not full of rocks or snow. If we have your number we can easily alert you and work around almost any obstacle.

Often you can buy a 30 day plan from your US vendor and now be able to receive and make calls to anyone in Europe as well as the US.

Why do I need a phone?

From connecting with your private car pick up at the airport, or issues at your hotel, to changing conditions and weather on the hiking trail - giving us and your family your mobile number can solve those challenges. Today you can also have apps that work on your smart phone with GPS, distance measuring - range finders and all the TOPO maps we use as electronic media.

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Our hiking clients get special treatment.

Our hiking program is based on a 4-step reservation verification process 1.Email. 2. Written confirmation contract. 3. A phone call to talk to the lodge manager. Then step-4. literally the day before you arrive we are contacting the hotel make sure they are ready for you and that there are no issues between the lodge you were staying in today and the new location.

We can't solve problems on the trail if we don't have your International mobile number.

Having a mobile phone number that works in all the countries you are going to visit just makes sense. If your family is trying to reach you or if one of your contact points on the along the way need updating: Russell Tours, your driver, baggage transfer or Hotel - it is just good logic to spend $50 and have that capability.

These are short term contracts, from buying a 30 day international mobile plan from your current US provider or a SIM card once you hit your hotel in France (better deal) or at the Geneva airport.

Make sure you give your new mobile number to your hike coordinator (Russell Tours).

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Capricorns (Mt. Goat) found throughout the alps

Happy Hiking,

Torrey Russell

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Martin Cooper inventor of cell phone

Mobile Phone Options:

United States Plans:

Many US providers have International plans you purchase for a few weeks.

US Vendors


In Switzerland you can purchase a SIM card and put it into your existing phone... but you will pay more expensive roaming charges in France or Italy.

sim card geneva airport

At Geneva Airport
Where to buy a Switzerland sim card in Geneva Airport
This is really simple as there is only one place in Geneva Airport where you can buy a Swiss sim card. When you walk out of arrivals head to the left towards the public busses and after like 50 meters you will see a huge Exchange desk on your left side. This is the ONLY place in Geneva Airport that sells Switzerland sim cards for tourists. There are no Swiss mobile shops!

Switzerland Vendors:


French vendors:

Orange is the biggest
Other French vendors

Consider a backup battery for your phone too!

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