On our last hut to hut hiking in Switzerland, we really experienced something totally different than former trips hiking in the Alps. On past trips, we always stayed at hotels which we really love since Mountain Tours selects the very best hotels and we have been spoiled a little bit. But the hut to hut experience is so different.76588k[1]

First, it’s absolutely the best way to get into the culture of the local area. The accommodations are dormitory style and our meals, family style, are taken on long wooden tables and very often there are several different languages spoken at the same time. They are all enthusiastic hikers with not a tourist among them. We found everyone very friendly.

One German couple, which we sat next to it at one of the dinners, was really very surprised that Americans actually liked to hike. And they were very pleased to find that out. I guess if I dig back in my memory. I really don’t know that many Americans who do hike at least as much as my husband and I love it, but it does seem to be growing in popularity.

cabanesAnother wonderful thing about the cabannes’s is that they are at higher altitudes, very often above the snow line in the middle of summer, and the views are just simply out of this world. They all have big decks with a view of the world and sitting there enjoying the sun setting with a cold beer is just Heaven, especially after a hard days hike getting up to the hut.

Though the accommodations could not be described as luxurious, they are certainly very comfortable and clean, and about half the price of good hotelshauteroutesmvillage: including all the usual amenities like showers and breakfast with dinner.

All the food is amazingly tasty with a lot of local specialties like rosti and lots of salads. There are a lot of superb dishes like lamb stews that just couldn’t be beat anywhere. And the bread is baked right there and is always fresh.

These cabannes are run by The Swiss Alpine Club and maintain a very high standard which has been going on for many years. We’re going to do it again. I know.

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