Hiking in the Alps of Switzerland using hiking poles will change your life.

Dear Bill:

After reading your notes on using hiking poles, I bought some and tried them out. I love them.

They not only give the upper body a workout, but they make hiking much easier. I’m amazed that I’m just beginning to learn about them. As I’ve had a life of hiking.

The poles are also wonderful when crossing narrow areas and small bridges and rocky streams. It really helps my balance, especially on slippery rocks.

And the fact that they fold so easily, makes it easy to store them when traveling. I can pack them in my suitcase and check them with my luggage.

Thanks for getting me started.

C. D. Seattle


Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork $170 Telescoping Lever 17 oz. Carbon Cork 25 in.
Leki Micro Vario Carbon DSS $220 Folding Lever 17 oz. Carbon Foam 15.5 in.
Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork $120 Telescoping Lever 18 oz. Aluminum Cork 29 in.
Montem Ultra Strong $50 Telescoping Lever 19.2 oz. Aluminum Foam 24 in.
REI Co-op Flash Carbon $139 Telescoping Lever 14.8 oz. Carbon Foam 27 in.
Gossamer Gear LT4 $191 Telescoping Twist 9 oz. Carbon Foam 33 in.
Black Diamond Trail Back $80 Telescoping Lever 21 oz. Aluminum Rubber 25 in.
REI Co-op Traverse Power Lock Cork $100 Telescoping Lever 20 oz. Aluminum Cork 27 in.
Leki Micro Vario Ti Cor-Tec $140 Folding Lever 19 oz. Aluminum Cork 15.5 in.
Leki Corklite $140 Telescoping Lever 18 oz. Aluminum Cork 26.4 in.
Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z $170 Folding N/A 10 oz. Carbon Foam 16 in.
Mountainsmith Halite $80 Folding Lever 21 oz. Aluminum Cork 16 in.
Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber $45 Telescoping Lever 16 oz. Carbon Foam 28 in.
Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock $140 Telescoping Lever 21 oz. Aluminum Foam 27 in.
Kelty Upslope 2.0 $40 Telescoping Twist 18.5 oz. Aluminum Foam 25.5 in.
BAFX Products Anti-Shock Poles $21 Telescoping Twist 24 oz. Aluminum Plastic 26.5 in.