Pro Hiking Tip: I Love to Travel, But Without the Tourists.

I Love to Travel, But Without the Tourists.
Throngs of tourists sightseeing the day away can be a problem but Russell Tours has found a way around it. It’s really very simple. Just get to your destination village and get on the trail as quickly as you can. You can enjoy all the beauties of nature like the Alps in Europe and the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain hardly ever see a tourist.

Oh, it’s not that I don’t enjoy a good museum every now and then myself but not as a steady diet. It’s the hiking and the culture that are so special with me. I love the travel to the wonderful little villages with their unique cultural differences.

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Lori Russell ~ Swiss Guide for more than 25 years

We found some villages in the Swiss Alps that are hundreds of years old and only have a few dozen families that are still living like they did centuries ago.

Naturally, we do find some destinations, where we have to compromise. One of them is Hallstatt in Austria. This has been proclaimed as one of the most beautiful villages in the world and it really is. But unfortunately, in the summer months, it is overrun with tourists because it is so beautiful. The surrounding trails are equally beautiful in their own way and you very rarely see tourists on the trails.

The Austrian Alps are really as impressive as those in Switzerland, just not quite as high. But in general, we found more small villages without any tourists in Austria than we have in Switzerland.

But Russell Tours goes out of their way to find places where you really feel back to nature and not wandering around in some kind of Disneyland.  But then we’ve spent a lot of years finding these unique places that we hikers just love.

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