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Well Marked Trails in Europe

Hiking Maps - How to use them.

Knowing how to figure out where you are on the trail and how to proceed can not only be important - it could save your life!

Most of the trails in the Alps and Dolomites of Europe are very well marked. But they are only as good as your ability to know where you are going.

Here are a few tips to help you on your hike.

Start with the basics. Watch some Videos!

Russell Tours has created videos of the most iconic hikes in Europe. Using Google Earth you can gain a real sense of how these trails look and how they are connected... make sure you watch our videos.

Use our files to see the perspective of each trail.

Add Google Earth plugin to your Google Chrome browser.

Download files for each video - allowing you to play with the data directly.



How to use a compass.
Are you brining a quality compass with you?

Amazon search:
(get the better one with the mirror)


Map Reading 101:

How to read a Topo map.


View Topo Map Tools


The key is to look at the legend at the bottom of the map to know what the lines are for...More detail about map symbols here: TOPOZONE




Bring a marker that can mark the map for your hike!


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There are Apps

Smartphone Map-Apps
You have your maps? ( )The maps are more accurate than the open source hike links we used in the Google Earth files ( so be sure to refer to your maps.

Download the App:
or this site...
Customize your trip here

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Capricorns (Mt. Goat) found throughout the alps

Happy Hiking,

Torrey Russell

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