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The Russell Tours Process

We are excited about helping you create and experience a hike of a lifetime for you and your group. The following outlines the responsibilities between Russell Tours service and our clients.


Itinerary Creation:

With a completed application for a specific trip, we require a $300 non refundable Itinerary Creation fee to create a custom Hike Itinerary Brief along with all projected costs.

We will take the information you provide in your completed application form, along with any follow up phone calls, to create a proposal that includes your desired hike details and the associated projected costs and create an Itinerary Brief for your approval. The costs outlined by the Itinerary Brief cannot be finalized or confirmed until after a 50% deposit is received following your approval of your Itinerary Brief and we actually go to book the hotel and travel requirements to meet your Itinerary Brief. See below.

You are welcome to modify your requests until you are satisfied that the Itinerary Brief proposal. The Itinerary Brief contains the hiking journey that you want. The Itinerary Creation fee to create your Hike Itinerary Brief is non-refundable, and the Hike Itinerary Brief must be concluded and agreed upon by both parties within 2 years from the initial deposit payment date.

Itinerary Approval:

Upon approval of your Hike Itinerary Brief we ask for the following:

  • An Itinerary Approval fee equal to 50% of the projected trip costs.
    The deposit will be used to secure the lodging and travel as outlined in your Hike Itinerary Brief, at which time a firm cost for your Hike Itinerary will be provided.
  • The balance of the fee for the trip is to be paid 120 days before the start date of your hike.
  • Please note that between the time we finalize the Hike Itinerary Brief and the time a deposit is received to secure those activities, the availability of those activities and price may change or vary.

Lodging and transportation costs ~ what is and what is not covered:

  • Generally our program includes what is called ½ board (½ pension), which means breakfast and dinner are included with your lodging.
  • In many of the bigger towns and cities, hotels do not offer ½ board. You will be responsible in those locations to buy your own meals.
  • Our services do not include the cost of alcohol or special amenities such as spa treatments or other items not generally include with room and ½ board service. You will be responsible to pay these additional costs directly.
  • Russell Tours is happy to include the costs of transportation both to and from the airport to the trail as well as set up for transfers of luggage and personnel between hiking venues. We do this on a cost plus basis. Once we have received the 50% deposit for our general program the transportation options will be discussed and if you desire that Russell Tours book those transportation options we will do so and charge your account for this separately from and on top of the general Itinerary Brief’s 50% deposit.
  • If you opt not to have Russell Tours book your transportation, know that many of the areas offer “area” passes to ride trails have chair lifts, gondolas, trams or other transportation opportunities to reduce walking time and make the journey easier up steep hills and across long up and down valleys. These on-trail transportation opportunities are available, but at your own expense.
  • As per above, in general, usage of train, shuttle and bus systems is something you may need to get to and from the airport or between towns, and to transfer luggage will be at your own expense. We will identify the websites to go to for further information and you can explore different options to suit your need. We will assist in, as we can, to reserve these services for you as we are able.
  • Many of the in-country services such as UBER or Trains and Trams are booked directly by the client and cannot be reserved by Russell Tours.

Waiver of Liability:

Please read this release and waiver of liability carefully.

You and all individuals in your hiking group understand that you are participating in a trip organized by Russell Tours, a sole proprietorship, hereinafter known as “Tours”. And that you have read this prospectus of the trip carefully, understand the plans and the risks outlined below.

Further, you and all individuals in your hiking group certify that:

  • You and those within your hiking group have no physical impairment that would restrict any of you from participating in this trip with Tours and have consulted your medical doctor who attests to your fitness to do this trip.
  • In the event of sickness or injury, you and all individuals in your hiking group will be responsible for any and all expenses, which may result in your or their possible evacuation or medical treatment.
  • There will be no refund if you and any other individual in your hiking group leave the tour for any reason.
  • You and all individuals in your hiking group know that insurance can be purchased to cover these eventualities and do not hold Tours or their representatives responsible for covering any of the costs that may arise from any sickness or injury during the trip. Further, you and all individuals in your hiking group understand that you all share in the responsibilities of safety during this trip.
  • You and all individuals in your hiking group understand that it is not possible to guarantee safety on any trip and therefore, you and all individuals in your hiking group voluntarily agree to assume all risks associated with this trip including the risk of injury or loss of life.
  • With full knowledge of these dangers, you and all individuals in your hiking group hereby agree for yourself, all of your family members and heirs, to release Tours and all their agents from any and all liability, claims, demands, or causes of action, and otherwise not to sue or otherwise make claims against Tours or its agents.
  • You and all individuals in your hiking group agree to be solely responsible for your safety and to take any precaution to provide for your own safety and well being while participating in the activities of Tours.
  • You and all individuals in your hiking group understand that the fee charged will be defined to include hotels, ground transportation (when specified), and meals (except lunches, and where half board is not provided). Fees do not include beverages such as wine, beer, coffee, and desserts not included in the meals. Air transport is additional.
  • You and all individuals in your hiking group do not hold Tours responsible for refunds except as outlined in Tours refund policy.
  • This is a complete release and extends to all claims arising from participation in this trip.
  • Tours acts as a travel consultant booking and setting up hotels and transfers as needed on our client’s behalf and cannot be held responsible for any failure on the part of the hotel or transfer company, and their liability is limited to the amount of money Tours pays to the provider for these activities.
  • Tours provides bookings and transfers as is and any events out of its control such as acts of god, weather or other events such as disease outbreaks, wars or other social issues which may interfere with the completion of a hike are not Tours’ responsibility.

Cancellation Policy

If Russell Tours cancels a trip for any reason, you will receive a full refund, less the Itinerary Creation Fee. Once you have paid the 50% deposit there is no refund of that deposit. Hotels no longer provide for cancellation and keep all deposits. Once you pay the remaining amount of the trip – the final 50% of the costs (roughly 120 days before departure) that money is no longer refundable or cancellable.

There is no refund for each segment as it is paid.

Tours are subject to cancellation for non-payment of fees in a timely manner.

Again, trip insurance is highly recommended.

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