Splendid view of the Needles of the Drus. Amazing site of red rocks. View of the Sea of ​​Ice. Road made by the Municipality of Chamonix and the National Office of Forests. Breakfast and snacks.

This route follows the Vallée Blanche Trail created in 1968 to facilitate
the exploitation of woods and the return of skiers to the valley. From the level crossing, go up the Planards ski slope along the Montenvers railway. Leave the Montenvers trail on the right and continue straight on the path at the bottom of the meadow. Continue in the forest to the Planards farm where you cross the Montenvers train line. By a few laces, climb up to the corridor of Orthaz (beware of falling rocks) and up the bends Cé. Follow a long false flat: the trail cuts the trail from the Woods and, after the Filiaz corridor, it comes out of the forest, climbing the red rocks and arrives at the viewpoint.

30 minutes of additional walk you can reach the Montenvers site.

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Track Les Rochers des Mottets desde Planards (Chamonix Mont-Blanc)