Russell Tours Hike Review Posted On Monday 16th September 2019 Hiking in the Alps of Europe


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Russell Tours put together a great mix of accommodations for our Tour du Mont Blanc, from 4-star hotels to mountain refuges to auberges that cater to hikers. Each place had a unique character, adding to the day’s hiking experience. We appreciated the advice to stay at the beginning and end in Chamonix. Hotel Heliopic was a treat, and we took full advantage of the telepherique, cable car, and cog railway, finding that the trip up to the Aiguille du Midi and the chance to go inside the Mer de Glace provided a great introduction to the mountain we were about to circumnavigate.

Russell Tours Hike Review Posted On Monday 16th September 2019 Hiking in the Alps of Europe

Story location: Alp Bovine, Switzerland

After hiking in the rain and snow all morning from Champex up (and up and up) to Alp Bovine (on the Champex-to-Trient leg of the TMB), we were delighted to discover the Alp Bovine refuge. It took some doing to get inside the place–pushing past cows, tromping through mud and cow poop, finding a dry spot to put your backpack outside before entering, hoping there’d be space for you to sit, considering how many other hikers were hovering around–but oh my, was it worth it. The place was the essence of coziness–warm, rustic, busy, and full of tempting aromas–and the homemade pastries on display were unbelievable. We ordered, took our hot drinks and huge slabs of apple tart to one of the wooden tables and squeezed in beside other TMBers, most of whom we already knew from previous encounters on the trail or during overnight stays. The feeling of sitting there, eating the apple tart, drinking hot tea, being (at least for the moment) out of the weather, and laughing with fellow hikers, all of us damp and tired and enjoying ourselves immensely, was utter perfection.

Alp Bovine, Switzerland Judy, Date: Monday 16th September 2019

Author: Judy C., Date: Monday 16th September 2019

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