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Village-based, or Village to Village tours

Pick your dates. Go where you want. Hike at your own pace. Save money.

Russell Tours specializes in independent self-guided tours for those who like to hike without a group, There are many itineraries to select. Self-guided tours allow you to hike at your own pace and go where you want to go on your own schedule.

For many hikers, going on a European hiking trip is a life-long dream. Yet, planning a trip to Europe can be a daunting task: finding the right hotels, locations, trails…one doesn’t know where to begin. This is where Russell Tours can help.

There are many choices. We have selected a few below as typical. Let us design a custom hike for you when we do all the planning work and you just pack up and go.

Since we’ve been leading tours for many years, we know the good places to go and the hotels that are both nice and fairly priced. So, if you would like us to design a special tour for you and your group, let us know.

These self guided tours will, doubtless, cost you less than if you planned it yourself due to the special group prices we get from our hotels. And you set your dates.

Your self guided tour can be on dates that fit your schedule and can have all the benefits as follows: Benefits are included as specified in our proposal.

Here is what our self guided hikes include:

  • Topographic hiker’s maps of your selected region with elevations, distances, villages and trails clearly indicated.
  • Detail directions of your hike with all travel instructions.
  • Reservations made at excellent hotels and cabannes. Vouchers are provided to you.
  • Breakfasts and dinners included in our fees.
  • Swiss Pass for unlimited travel on Swiss Transport if requested.
  • Prepayment of all accommodations and confirmations to you.
  • Free telephone support (with a live person) for you at anytime to answer your questions.
  • Luggage transfers if requested.

About the only things not included are lunches, drinks, phone calls from the room, transportation.



Three Culture Hike

Three Culture Hike

Torrey, you are extremely diligent and I appreciate that very much!…more

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