Don’t Hike Alone…. Join our group of 50+Singles

Don’t want to hike alone?

We are putting together a small group of singles, age 50 plus, who love to hike and may want some company along the way.

Singles 50+ hike the Tour du Mont Blanc starts July 27, 20xx. (The date will be set once we can rise above the world pandemic)

Each year we have informally put together individuals who have asked to find someone else to be with on our hikes. This year we are announcing an annual self-guided hike with limits to 8 in a group. This year we are hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc. The hike will be starting in last week in July, 2020 in Chamonix and hiking around Mont Blanc for 13 days. We will have a 2 rest days along the way where we will only hike a few hours in the morning.

What is included in our Singles Hiking Package?

  • We stay in 3 and 4 star hotels.
  • Transfers, shuttles, trains and trams can all be provided as needed.
  • Everyone gets high quality waterproof topographical hiking maps.
  • We provide 24/7 phone support while on your hike.
  • Meals, hotels and concierge services at every stop.
  • We have over 40 years of history working with the Lodge Keepers in these areas.
  • The cost is $1,750.00 and includes breakfast, dinner, hotel, transfers to and from the airport.

Join our group of hikers to enjoy great conversations and the company of others.

Most of our hikers are experienced and have hiked in many places of the world. Join this group of active singles who love to hike and be with other like-minded people.

We already have several people signed up so don’t delay.

Backgrounds include folks who have hiked; The El Camino Real in Spain, Machu Picchu in Peru and the highlands of Scotland.

Join our eclectic group of 50+ singles to have some fun hiking one of the best trails in the world.

Who should go?

The hike is actually open to all ages but be aware that the pace of the daily hike and the distances will be geared for moderate to easy hiking.

The distances are no more than 11 miles and most days are 6 to 8.

Someone considering this hike should be in reasonably good shape and able to hike on their own for 5 miles.

Chamonix France, the starting point, is at the high altitude of 3,402 feet (1,037 meters). Those living at or near Sea Level may want to arrive a day or two early for the hike to get used to the change. (These are extra days for hotels and will be charged separately,)

See the complete itinerary:

TMB-Tour du Mont Blanc +50 Singles

Around the mountain there is transportation from one hotel to the next should an individual not feel up to hiking that day. Note that to do this will be at your own cost. Luggage transfers are also not included.

tour of mont blanc

Watch video of hike of Tour de Mont Blanc

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