Swiss Pass

Swiss Pass

No matter where you go in Switzerland, never wait in line at ticket counters or fumble for Bill Russell's Mountain Tours - Train going through Mountainsmoney when you have one pass that provides unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel System including trains, buses and boats. Use them all to journey between any part of Switzerland, without worrying about conversion rates, or having the right money handy.

And all that stress-free travel provides the opportunity to take advantage of the more than 400 museums the Swiss Pass will get you into for free in many mountain trams. There’s no smarter way to see more of Switzerland than with a Swiss Pass from Rail Europe. It helps make every minute of your trip quality time. And in a country of legendary watchmakers, isn’t that the least you should expect?

Here’s what you get with the Swiss pass:

  • This pass gives you unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel system.
  • Choice of Consecutive and Flexi Passes give you unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel system.
  • The consecutive pass is available for 4, 8, 15, 22 days or 1 month of consecutive travel. Example: You may choose to travel from Monday to Thursday, which would count as 4 days of travel.
  • Flexipass is available for 3, 4, 5 or 6 days of consecutive or non-consecutive travel within a 1 month period. Example: You may choose to travel on Monday and then again on Thursday this would count as 2 days of travel.
  • Includes a Swiss Museum Pass with free access to over 470 museums.

Discounted offers:

  • Children, who are under the age of 16 and traveling with a parent or legal guardian, travel free with a Swiss Family Card. Simply add the children as travelers when purchasing a Swiss Pass and the Swiss Family Card will automatically be sent along with your Swiss Pass.

Conditions of Use

  • Residents of Switzerland & Liechtenstein are not eligible to purchase or use this rail pass.
  • Rail passes must be activated within 6 months of purchase date at the station by a railway official.
  • The railway official will write the passport number on your rail pass.
  • When a saver pass is purchased all travelers in the party must be present when validating the rail pass.
  • Rail passes must be validated prior to boarding the first train or before using a pass holder bonus.
  • The date of travel must be entered into the corresponding box on the rail pass by the traveler before boarding the first train of the day or when utilizing a pass holder bonus.



  • Travelers must either carry a passport or U.S. Military I.D. in order to travel with this rail pass.
  • Rail passes are 85% refundable up to 1 year after the purchase date if the rail pass has not been validated or used.
  • Rail passes are non-refundable if lost or stolen except as covered by Rail Protection Plan™.
  • Reservations and supplements are not included in the rail pass and are at an additional cost.
  • Reservations are required on all scenic and high-speed trains.


Top of Form

1st Class Child from $239
Youth from $375
Adult from $478

2nd Class Youth from $235
Adult from $299
Child from $150

When you fly into Switzerland, you will either land in Geneva or Zurich. In each case, you will take a train and/bus to your final destination in the mountains.

All trains leave from the airport where you will find a Railroad Station in the airport complex where you may get your itinerary printed out giving you times of departure and track numbers. Also any transfer will be detailed. Tickets may also be purchased if you do not have the Swiss Pass.

If you have the Swiss Pass, please note the following information.

The Swiss Pass cannot be purchased in Switzerland. Passes may be purchased from any travel agent, and it provides you with prepaid use of all Swiss public transport including trains, buses, trolleys, even boats on the large Swiss Lakes. Use of these facilities is unlimited during your stay in Switzerland.

The Swiss Pass Will be sent to you well in advance of your departure if it has been included in your tour package. Later, you will receive a Topographical hiking map of the Areas where you will be hiking as well as other instructions.

When you arrive in Switzerland, you must go to the RR ticket office which is in the Air Terminal and get your Swiss Pass validated. It is not effective without validation. You should also get a printout at the RR office of your travel schedule which includes both train and bus connections to your Swiss destination. The bus meets the train in a very efficient manner. The same on your return journey to the airport

Swiss trains run like trolley cars all over Switzerland. You simply show up at the station or pick up point at the appointed time and get on board. You show your validated Pass to the conductor and that is all there is to it. You do not buy tickets or make reservations.

Every Swiss town has a tourist office that can provide you with bus and train schedules that are always on time as well as pick up points.