Experience the best hiking in the diverse cultures of Switzerland.

This is one of the most popular hikes we offer. The trip will cover the French section of Switzerland called the Valais, then to the German Bernese Oberland, and finally to the Engadine where Romansch is the basic culture. We’ll spend three full hiking days in each of these three cultural areas finding out how each culture has learned to cope in their own special way with the sometimes very difficult demands of alpine living.

Our hikes encompass a wide variety of experiences. Everyone who plans a walk in The Alps thinks first of the high peaks and deep valleys with tiny chalets on steep mountainsides with sheep and cows pasturing in the alpine sunlight. Yes, this is the Switzerland of the storybooks.


One of the great joys of this cultural adventure is the difference in the foods we’re offered. The Italian region with it’s red wines and pastas. The French with it’s delicate Fondant wines which are not exported but kept for the enjoyment of local consumption and the marvelous pate’ so readily available in the French areas. In the German section, the sausages and mellow beers are not to be forgotten. But these are only a few of the local taste treats.


Transportation is by train or bus and with some of the transfers, it is necessary to make several changes so it is important that your luggage be lightweight and preferably on wheels. It’s part of the fun to take public transportation because this gives you an opportunity to really see how life is for the locals. Buses and trains are comfortable, clean, and on time. A special treat for Americans who often do not find this at home.

Russell Tours Hike in Switzerland

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