Three Culture Hike

French, German and Italian regions.

The three culture Hike is all about flexibility. This trip can start near Zurich in Wengen or in Chamonix France which is near Geneva. Lets review the different stops. Verbier and Zermatt are (French), Wengen (German), and Courmayeur (Italian) and just for fun Chamonix (French) for your last few days. It is also noteworthy that this trip isn’t about hiking long distances across open tundra but instead spectacular day hikes and small overnight hikes to quaint mountain lodges with breathtaking interesting vistas. We have attempted to put together the essence of the Swiss and French Alps experience without the long (and sometimes boring or very physically challenging) sections between these historically important villages and their surroundings. We can craft either 4, 7, 12 or 18 day excursions to suit your interests and hiking challenge desires.  




Three Culture Hike



Russell Tours Hike in Switzerland


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