Russell Tours – Three Culture Hike Review August 2019


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This was a well organized trip that took us through incredibly scenic hiking areas of France, Italy and Switzerland. Having our hotels and food set up for us was very helpful so we could focus on having fun and enjoying nature. Torrey was accessible, detail oriented and knowledgeable about where and when to travel so that we could have the best experience. Staff at the hotels were kind and pleasant and the food was great, especially in Switzerland. We thoroughly enjoyed the hiking in each country and frequently were in awe of nature’s beauty. Trams, trains, chair lifts and buses were available as needed. Overall, this was one of the best vacations ever! Thanks Torrey!!!

Russell Tours – Three Culture Hike Review August 2019

Story location: Bourg St. Pierre, Valsory Cabin hike., Switzerland

Wow. This was a hike. It started at about 5400 feet, ending at about 10,000 feet. It was only about 5 miles, but boy, what those 5 miles were made of! As with all of the hikes we took on this trip, there were views the entire way; simply gorgeous and breathtaking views. But this hike was steep at the end, and we were challenged by the elevation.

We traversed a river holding onto a rope, and were so proud of ourselves. We huffed and puffed at the higher elevations, and stopped as needed. But when the flag marking the cabin came into view, we were elated! The beer we enjoyed at the top never tasted so good!

The folks we met at the Refugio were so interesting, and the experience itself was unique.

The panoramic trail that we took to descend was simply amazing. We took our time, and snapped lots of photos. This was probably one of our more challenging hikes, but it was beyond memorable in so many ways.

One thing we enjoyed on many of the trails (but not on this one), was what we called the “mid hike mirage”; that is, there were little places where you could stop and get a beverage or gelato right off the trail. We really enjoyed these great little stops with the incredible views!

Bourg St. Pierre, Valsory Cabin hike., Switzerland Christine, Date: Saturday 24th August 2019

Author: Christine D., Date: Saturday 24th August 2019

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