Tour du Mont Blanc by Cable Car

Mt Blanc cable car between Chamonix, France, and Courmayeur, Italy

Hiking the tour to Mont Blanc may take you 11 days, but in a few hours you can preview it by cable car between Chamonix, France, and Courmayeur, Italy. There is also a tunnel under the mountain of about seven and a quarter miles between the two countries.

Rising from the valley floor in Chamonix, this spectacular aerial flight will bring you to the heights of the highest mountain in the Alps at 15,781 feet. It is well worth spending the time and money while you’re in Chamonix to take this exciting adventure before your hike around the mountain. To do it, you will have to spend an extra day in Chamonix.

The first recorded ascent of the mountain was in 1786, and really signaled what has become the modern era of mountaineering. Now the mountain is scaled by an average of over 20,000 a year. But it’s not for everyone. Some of the requirements are highly technical on some of the routes to the top and the local rescue service averages about 12 rescue missions, each season. Some must be done by helicopter.Chamonix cable car on Mt Blanc

The mountain is not only a hiking destination, but also very popular for skiing. With the eternal snows at the higher altitudes, there is skiing 12 months a year.

If you plan to do the cable car ride, try to do it early in the day as the weather is better with clearer skies and you’ll avoid standing in line with the afternoon crowds. It’s a very popular activity.

In 2007, Europe’s two highest toilets (at a height of 4,260 metres, 13,976 feet) were helicoptered to the top of Mont Blanc. They are serviced by helicopter. They will serve 30,000 skiers and hikers annually.

The cable cars leave from the center of Chamonix where the ticket office is located.

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