What’s your plan to hike in Europe?

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Sitting in airports is time not spent hiking in Europe


What is your plan to hike in Europe?

Flights with layovers and delayed trains? Why sit in some terminal killing time solving crossword puzzles and flipping through magazines when you could be enjoying a beautiful hike or an excellent dinner with stunning views of the mountain scenery?

"With a little planning you can spend less time hanging around airports and train stations and be on the trails sooner. " ~ Bill Russell, Founder

Traveling can be very stressful.

Proper planning can make your vacation fun from beginning to end.

Take a look at our 10 page Travel Tips guide. We help you think through all of the areas you have to consider before setting off. Our guide provides you with useful ideas on how to deal with problems and issues that may arise along the way to your hike of a lifetime.


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Wasting time in airports is no fun!


Russell Tours has been helping hikers go to Europe since 1991 and has expert knowledge of every little detail, which will turn a popular hike into a unique and personalized experienced.

Our 10 page guide gives you all the important tips we have assembled for your good vacation.



Read our Planning Guide




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Happy Hiking!

Torrey Russell
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